The biggest challenge all authors, speakers, and coaches face is building and maintaining a list of interested qualified fans. In fact, launching a book to #1 is almost impossible without at least a small list of engaged and interested fans and followers. Even if you have 10,000 social media followers on Twitter and Facebook… this number is not nearly as effective at 1000 real email address of real people who care about you and your message.

This six minute excerpt from Bart Baggett’s recent live member’s only marketing mastermind discusses some tools and software to manage those email names and build a rapport with those readers.  You have already heard the money is in the list. But more importantly… your career and reach as a person of influence is in your list. If you don’t have a list, you are forever banned to the amateur leagues of speaking and publishing.

This short video covers these topics:

How many times can you email your list?
How did one author built a big list with free good content?
How soon can you make an offer to your list.
Provide quality content to your readers.
Is 4 emails a week too much?


Get the software to build a funnel easily with no coding required. 


Here is the software I currently use and recommend to clients.


Get the software to build a funnel easily with no coding required. 

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